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I am not a handyman or a tech guy. It’s not that I can’t do it, but I would instead write this blog – LOL. Luckily I have friends that do this stuff.

One is a guy named Grant. I’ve known Grant for 20 years, and he LOVES cars. He loves cars so much that I bought my first one from him. I must admit I had a hidden agenda. I loved the Nissan Maxima, and he gave me a great deal, but I bought it from him because I knew if I had any problems I could ask him to help find the solution.

I have another friend named Mike. He loves tech. He always knows when the Apple update is coming out. He buys the new, hottest iPhone and Android phones every time.

Recently I bought a MacBook from him. Like before, the reason I purchased the tech from Mike was that if something went wrong, I could ask him.

However, when it comes to seeking out information, times have changed. You don’t have to ask somebody. All you have to do is Google or YouTube the subject.

I have struggled with acid reflux and allergies all my life. I used to sneeze so much I would hurt my back, and I would suffer sinus infections three or four times a year and take major antibiotics twice a year, at minimum.

At one point, the acid reflux was so bad I almost checked myself into the E.R. a couple of times. I visited doctors, and they prescribed advice and pills but never a fix.

One day, while randomly searching YouTube, I came across something called apple cider vinegar “with mother.”
Apple cider vinegar, or cider vinegar, is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice. It’s basically from the earth (God gave it to us ).

What I learned was apple cider vinegar is one of healthiest things you can put on your body.
Here are a few things you can use it for: helps prevent cancer; keeps your heart healthy; reduces body fat; effective facial cleanser and anti-aging ingredient; lowers blood sugar and MORE!

When I heard about this natural remedy, I thought it was too good to be true, and then I tasted it. It is awful, and when I take it, I have to dilute it with honey and water to make it tolerable – LOL.

Anyway, I started drinking it, and my acid reflux and allergies have significantly reduced! I haven’t had an antibiotic since I started drinking it.

All I could think about was all the doctors that misdiagnosed me, and it was all solved by searching YouTube.

The explosion of the internet has devalued information that we once held sacred and hostage because it’s now free and accessible. You can learn how to build a car, start a business, and do the latest dance on YouTube.

The very things people paid thousands of dollars for in the 90s and early 2000s, the internet will now provide the answers for free.

Does this mean we have an overload of information? Yes. But more importantly, as an adult or leader, this means your actions matter more than your information because whatever words are coming out of your mouth is just information they can hear and access all the time.


One of my favorite comedians Dave Chappelle did a skit called “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong,” and although the performance was R-rated, it was so funny. The skit was about how sometimes you can keep it so real that it will get you in trouble.

The reality is we’re in an era where authenticity is one of your greatest assets. We accept flaws, and your imperfections make you more valuable and always will.

It’s why the boom in reality TV. I was a preacher’s kid, and the truth is if cameras had been following my family it would’ve looked like an episode of Love and Hip Hop, but when we hopped out the car, we look like the Huxtable’s.

This dichotomy in childhood made authenticity very important to me as an adult. This generation has grown up seeing people fail who had perfect images.

Speaking of the Huxtable family, watching Bill Cosby’s demise was heartbreaking. As a black man, no TV family meant more to black people than Cosby.

The fallout from this type of situation makes the generation question who is real. So, as leaders, we have to inspire “the real” that they are looking for.


Grace will be a mainstay for Gen Z because they grew up in the traumatic aftermath of 9/11 and mass shootings. They have grown up in a world that feels like a ghetto.

Unfortunately, I never felt safe in my home, growing up. My father was physically and verbally abusive. To this day, I have personal struggles because of that experience.

The worst part is not the experience itself; it’s my father believing he did nothing wrong. That creates despair, anxiety, and depression.

This generation is viewed as an inconvenience because of their response to their life experiences.

My uncle fought in the most recent war when he was almost 50-years-old. He saw things overseas he will never forget. And when asked what helps him deal with all war showed him, he says that talking about it is what gives him the most solace.

When youth face devastation, we must listen.

We can’t tell them how to feel. They have more access to information than any generation before and more access to negativity than any generation ever.

They’re not shielded from seeing or hearing about a tragedy like those before them. They do not know how to process the things they are seeing.

We must listen and listen and listen some more.

There is a quote that means more now than ever.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know you care.”


Anthony Flagg


Christian Music Artist

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