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Everyone is a leader. You wouldn’t have been called to this if you weren’t a leader. But what you have to remember about leadership is this…  



What does it mean to be continually advancing? 

It means you have to OWN YOUR AREA

What does owning your area involve? 

  •   Continually Creating (it is your responsibility to create and present new ideas about your areas to your leader.)
  •   Continually Recruiting (it is your responsibility to recruit the volunteers you need to have a healthy and functioning area.)
  •   Continually Developing (you have to invest the time to develop your areas and to develop the volunteers you oversee.)
  •   Continually Thinking Ahead (you have to plan ahead. Not planning ahead is like living paycheck to paycheck. They minute something unexpected comes up you are automatically behind) 
  •   E3 (Everything Effect Everything! When you are not OWNING your area it affects everyone else’s area. When you miss something it doesn’t just mess up your area it messes up ALL areas.)
  • OWNING YOUR MISTAKES (If you drop a ball be man enough or woman enough to own that mistake. Don’t lie or try to cover it up. I would rather you tell me about it than me having to find out about it.)

Wether you serve in an area or run a whole department, these principles apply to you and are what will make you become an even greater leader.


The Youth America Team



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