Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a series all about living a life of JOY! In a day in age where students are desperately searching for happiness they end up chasing things that actually lead to emptiness. Utilize this series to talk about what true happiness is all about… a JOY found in Christ!

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Series Package: Good Vibes

  • Main Graphic Slide  (PSD/JPG)
  • Message Slide Template (PSD/JPG)
  • Flyer Template Front  (PSD/JPG)
  • Flyer Template Back (PSD/JPG)
  • Gametime Slide (PSD/JPG)
  • Social Media Graphic (JPG)
  • Snapchat Geofilter (PNG)
  • Social Media Promo Video (MOV)
  • Message Bumper Video (MOV)
  • Countdown Video w/ Music (MOV)
  • Countdown Video w/ No Music (MOV)


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