If you are looking for a great series on identity, hiding, insecurity, or related topics, MASKS will help you creatively get students interested in what you want to teach. The truth is we all hide behind some type of mask but when we are truly connected with Christ the mask comes off and the person God beautifully created us to be is seen. There is no more hiding in Jesus, its time for the MASKS to come off!

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  • Main Graphic Slide  (PSD/JPG)
  • Message Slide Template (PSD/JPG)
  • Flyer Template Front  (PSD/JPG)
  • Flyer Template Back (PSD/JPG)
  • Gametime Slide (PSD/JPG)
  • Social Media Graphic (JPG)
  • Snapchat Geofilter (PNG)
  • Instagram Promo Video (MOV)
  • Instagram Story Video (MP4)
  • Message Bumper Video (MOV)
  • Countdown Video w/ Music (MOV)
  • Countdown Video w/ No Music (MOV)


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