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One of the most dangerous things we can do regarding our calling is to try to run our race “outside” of our own lane.

God has graced YOU in a specific way, unlike anyone else. The temptation to morph into someone else to catch the new wave or find the silver bullet to church growth is overpowering.

In our immaturity or desperation, we find ourselves jumping from one program to another or one style of church service to another, hoping we have found the solutions.

Learn from many, but mimic no one other than Jesus.

Stay in your lane!

It may not look as natural or be as exciting as someone else’s lane to you, but it’s your lane. If you are strong leading in a smaller community, do not give in to the pressure to expand to a large city. If you are gifted in a particular style of teaching, do not uproot your strength to sound like the current popular speaker.

God needs the real you.
God anoints the real you.
God has prepared in advance a calling only you can fulfill.

For years different leaders have told me to scrub our Youth America ministry to have a bigger church like them. Really? You want me to walk away from a divine assignment to mimic you? HA.

Run your race.
Believe in your people.
Stay in your lane.


Ps. Kirk Pankratz


Founding Pastor

Church of the Harvest & Youth America

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