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There are many areas for someone to get involved with and we want to make sure we get everyone in the right place so that their gifts and talents can be used.

Depending on the size of your team and how you run your ministry, the different serving teams might look a little bit different. However, the overall principle of having clear roles and clear expectations for everyone to see and to be upheld to applies to every team, no matter the size or operation. 

Greeting Team

The Greeting Team is made up of individuals with outgoing personalities and friendly smiles! The role of this team is to be strategically positioned in various areas to help direct students and parents, to help make every student and parent feel like they are the most important person at that moment through handshakes, high fives, and a friendly smiles and welcomes.

Check-In Team

The Check-In Team will ensure that all students are appropriately checked in and all important information is obtained and documented. This team makes sure every student and parent is checked in before they enter. This team also makes sure all first-time students information is collected and then added to the system.

One member of the Check-In Team needs to remain at the check-in computer and in the atrium area during the experience to assist with any late arrivals.

First Time Guest Team

This Team will be positioned near the check-in area. This team will be responsible for connecting first-time students with other students. We all know that it is hard to be the new person or the person that doesn’t know anyone, so we want to make sure that we are making these students feel welcome and comfortable! This team is vital to the success of having first-time visitors become regular attendees!

Student Interaction Team

This team assists in helping to build relationships with students who may or may not already be plugged in. This team floats around and strategically connects with various groups of students. This team also help with connecting with students outside of the experience via social media, text/calls, attending game/student activities, and special off-site events.

Hospitality Team

We want individuals who are hospitable and display that hospitality through an authentic and friendly smile. This team is responsible for setting out drinks and snacks for our First Time Guest as well as serving those guests. This team is also responsible for any post-service hospitality set up and execution.

Set Up and Break Down Team

The Set-Up and Break-Down team will arrive early to set up the atrium and worship center. This team will also break down after the experience so that the atrium and worship center can be reset for the weekend worship experience.  This team plays a vital role in ensuring that all areas are ready to go when volunteers and students arrive for the experience and being the front runners for setting the tone for the experience.

Usher Team

The Usher Team will assist in making sure the worship center is ready for students to enter when the program begins by helping students get seated, helping ensure a level of order when students enter the program and helping to keep order during service (talking, cell phones, cuddling…)

Media Team

The Media Team assists and ensures the program runs smoothly. They will be handling all the behind the scenes programs, computers, lights, cameras, screens, mics. . . etc. that are crucial to the programming side of the experience. This team will work hand in hand with the Stage Personality Team and Worship Team.

Worship Team

The Worship Team will be leading and training the student on how to engage in worship. This team is for individuals who have skills in a variety of areas. We want to have the most dynamic and versatile student worship team. We will be worshiping in a variety of ways…dance, spoken word, hip hop, drama, and music. This team will be responsible for learning music and preparing for their role in the program. We will have practice on _______ nights as well as run-throughs on Wednesday before the experience. 

Stage Personality Team

The stage personality team consists of individuals who are comfortable doing a variety of things from the stage such as speaking, running games, announcements and leading students from the stage. This team requires very energetic people who do not mind being in front of people with a microphone.

Weekday Prep Team

This team is for those individuals available during the week to help with preparations for the experience by making phone calls/text, social media, and office assistance.


The Youth America Team




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