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The onboarding process can easily become chaotic when not laid out step by step and kept uniform. Without a process, potential leaders can slip through the cracks and never feel like a part of the team.

To keep this from happening, we created the process below and uphold every potential volunteer to it so that they can be as prepared as possible to serve the ministry.

Step One

Fill out a Student Ministry Volunteer Application or join a Growth Track class.

Step Two

Submit background check (if you have a system for this).

Step Three

To have them do a personal interview. Ask questions about their relationship with God, their experience in church, where they want to be involved.

Step Four

Take them through a Volunteer Training Course. This may need to be more or less extensive depending on their personal interview. For someone new to Christianity and the church, they may need some time to learn the culture than someone who has served in another church for years.

Step Five

Contact the volunteer to let them know they have been approved to serve. No one can serve with students until their background check has cleared.

Step Six

Have the volunteer start serving in the ministry. Allow them to jump in, but give them a few weeks to learn the role. We suggest this timeline:

Week 1 – Have new volunteer watch leader do the role, then have them do it together

Week 2 – Have the leader and volunteer start together and then have the leader watch new the volunteer in action alone and give tips.

Week 3 – Let new volunteer go for it!

Step Seven

Keep investing, encouraging, and developing the volunteer.


The Youth America Team




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